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        1. Cell Line Customization Services

          GemPharmatech has applied its years of gene editing experience and expertise from generating genetically engineered mouse models to engineering mouse and human cell lines, in particular syngeneic and patient-derived human tumor cells.

          Building on top of an extensive collection of 27 syngeneic cell lines, several of the most popular colorectal, breast, melanoma and liver cancer cell lines have been engineered to express human target genes, including popular IO targets such as PDL1, CD47, CD73, CD39, Nectin4, B7H3, ROR1, CD24A, CD39 and more, providing a growing resource for immune checkpoint drug efficacy evaluation as the filed grows and evolves. 21 of such humanized murine cell lines are available for efficacy services provided by GemPharmatech. 

          To enable in-vivo non-invasive imaging of tumor growth, GemPharmatech has generated 30 luciferase-tagged murine and human cell lines, comprising solid and hematological malignancies. This provides a valuable tool set for evaluating efficacy of new therapies, treating not only solid tumors, but also liquid and metastatic tumors. These cell lines are also available for efficacy services provided by GemPharmatech.

          With these successful applications of engineered cell lines in preclinical studies, GemPharmatech offers cell line engineering services to its clients. Ship your wildtype cell lines and we will return custom-engineered cell lines to you. 

          Humanized mouse tumor cell line customization (One target)+ In-vivo mouse tumorigenicity test3-4 months+ 2 months
          Humanized mouse tumor cell line customization (Multiple targets)+ In-vivo mouse tumorigenicity testInquire+ 2 months
          Gene knockout cell line customization+ In-vivo mouse tumorigenicity test2-3 months+ 2 months
          Transgene overexpression cell line customization (Including reporter genes such as Luciferase) + In-vivo mouse tumorigenicity test2-3 months+ 2 months


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