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        1. Molecular Platform

          The GPT molecular platform is equipped with a variety of multi-dimensional molecular analysis instruments that can meet the needs of both research and service. The platform boasts extensive project experience and robust detection systems, providing high-efficiency molecular indicator detection services with consistent stability for various applications.

          Service Offering

          • Blood Analysis (Blood biochemistry test and Complete blood count)

          • Protein Extraction and BCA Protein Quantification

          • Western Blot and Co-IP (co-immunoprecipitation)

          • ELISA and ELISpot

          • Comprehensive Nucleic Acid Extraction and Expression Analysis from Cells, Tissues (Quality Control, RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, and Sequencing etc.)


          GPT Advantages

          • Equipped with a variety of molecular analysis instruments to support diverse research and services.

          • Extensive research experience to facilitate various project applications.

          • Stable and robust detection systems combined with efficient experimental delivery capabilities, enabling clients to accelerate their research progress significantly.

          • Over 100 antibodies/kits optimized for human or mouse specificity, aiding in the validation and investigation of multiple treatment modalities in various disease indications. 

          Case Study

          (1) Blood Analysis


          Figure 1. Complete blood count test of C57BL/6JGpt strains.


          Figure 2. Inclisiran (siRNA targeting PCSK9) decreased plasma LDL-C level 

          in Western Diet (WD)-fed B6-hPCSK9-UTR hypercholesterolemia model.

          (2) Western Blot


          Figure 3. hPCSK9 protein expression successfully detected in B6-hPCSK9-UTR mice.

          (3) ELISA


          Figure 4. Inclisiran inhibited plasma hPCSK9 level 

          in a dose dependent manner in B6-hPCSK9-UTR mice via ELISA analysis.

          (4) ELISpot


          Figure 5. Detection of human IFN-γ levels by ELISpot in mice under different treatments. 

          (5) Nucleic Acid Expression Level Analysis


          Figure 6. Measurement of TNF-α RNA levels in liver tissues.


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