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        1. Bioanalytical Services

          Our in vitro platform provides comprehensive testing services, including both a flow cytometry platform and a cell analysis platform. The flow cytometry platform is equipped with a Thermo Attune NxT flow cytometer (up to 14 channels) and a GentleMACS tissue processor. GemPharmatech offers in vivo services such as mouse immune cell typing, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) analysis, immune reconstitution in humanized mice, as well as cell-based testing services, including antibody binding assays, anti-cancer drug target screening, and cell proliferation assays.

          Service specifications

          1. Standard murine FACs panel 


          Murine Spleen Immune Cell Gating Strategy


          Spleen immune cell population of C57BL/6

          2. TILs Analysis

          By analyzing the infiltration of immune cells from tumours, Tumor-Infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) analysis assesses the pathways by which drugs exert their anti-tumor effects.

          TILs Analysis of Syngeneic Mouse Models 

          Standard Murine TIL Panel


          Murine TIL Gating Strategy


          3. Antibody binding assay

          Used to evaluate the binding efficiency of antibody-based drugs with targets corresponding to humanized cell lines and humanized mice, this method compares the effects between the test article and the positive control, providing a reference for in vivo effects of the test article.

          3.1 Cetuximab binding with A431 cells


          Following the increasing concentration of Cetuximab at a low level, the amount of the drug bound to the cells increased, resulting in higher fluorescent signal detection. Further increase of the drug concentration after reaching the saturation concentration did not enhance the fluorescence signal detection.

          3.2 Tecentriq binding with MC38-hPDL1 cells


          Tecentriq is a hPDL1-targeting antibody drug. After incubation of Tecentriq with MC38-hPDL1 (a cell line modified by GemPharmatech), Anti-human IgG fluorescent secondary antibody was added to detect the binding efficiency between the drug and the cells by flow cytometry.


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